Best Educational Apps For Kids


Although screen time is looked down upon by many, there are plenty of great educational apps that kids can use to learn and explore. Below is a list of best educational apps for kids you can use to encourage imagination and critical thinking by utilizing smart gadgets.

Dr. Panda School App For Kids

Dr. Panda School is a great app, it allows for a total open play and doesn’t have any specific goals. This means that the kids can freely explore this world. They can be a student, a teacher, or a parent. There are a number of places to explore such as classroom, cafeteria, playground and more.

Dr. Panda School Apps for kids


Telling Time Interactive App For Kids

If your kids are learning to tell time, this app will come in very handy. It tools completely adorable and you will be able to change up the clock faces. This app helps with telling time, understanding daytime vs nighttime concepts. As your child learns to read the time, you will be able to change increments of time such as on the hour, every half an hour, and minutes in between. This app also comes with a quiz setting, so your child can quickly quiz what he or she has learned.


To Do Math Educational App For Kids

This app is totally adorable and all kids love to explore math problems. To Do Math comes with plenty of missions and daily activities that they will never get bored. This app focuses on number operations, counting, number tracing, mathematical reasoning, time and money, and even geometry.



Preschool And Kindergarten App For Kids

This app offers so much for little ones. It has 12 interactive educational games which focus on: Shapes and Colors, Letters, Counting, Memory, Alphabet, Addition, Puzzles, Spelling, Subtraction, Positions , Nouns and Verbs, and Counting Down. As the other apps, it is also very interactive and will make learning extremely fun for your children.


Explore Daniel’s Neighborhood App For Kids

You’ve probably watched an educational show called Daniel The Tiger. This app is based on the show and allows children to explore Daniel’s neighborhood while learning about life around them. They will be able to visit the grocery store, the music shop, the bakery, and the doctor’s office. This app also has a lot of fun mini games your kids will love.


Daniel The Tiger Neighborhood Apps For Kids

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